The perfect pamper night // 20.03.18 - Georgina Barkworth

The perfect pamper night // 20.03.18

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Ever had one of those really long days? Yes, that’s today, full of assessments, deadlines, a to-do list as long as my arm. So, I’m sat on the train home after a 12-hour working day dreaming of my pamper night to-come when I thought - why not write a blog post about it! (Writing a new post was on my to-do list and this way it makes it a bit more fun.) Not only do you get to know how I pamper myself but you also get to know my product recommendation for the job – 2 in 1! I’ve read blog posts where they have set ‘pamper days’… none of that going on in my life unfortunately. I only get to do them when I can fit them in/be bothered to do them or when my boyfriend goes out and I finally get some peace, but then maybe that makes them more enjoyable. I have hyper-linked the majority of my recommendations, they're in black if you wish to check them out!

Dressing gown & silk pj’s

Let’s talk dressing gowns. No one likes a dressing gown that when you wash it once it goes hard and coarse like an old towel so make sure you get yourself a half decent one. Next do some gorgeous dressing gowns that I TOTALLY, recommend. See here. Also, have any of you guys got the satin pj’s that Primark do? If you don’t, you need them! My mum got me into them, they’re super cute and not expensive at all!


Everyone need candles on a pamper night. There’s nothing better than placing little candles, even tea-lights around the edge of your bath or on your bedside table. It’s so relaxing after a long day. Primark, once again are fab for candles. They do so many different scent and so many different sizes.


Anyone who knows me well will know I LOVE tea. I have a tea where ever I go. At the moment, I’m trying to be good so when I can, I’ve been having herbal teas like lemon & ginger, peppermint, detox and green tea with lemon. I’m not going to deny I do still have my normal tea (milk, 2 sugars) but I am trying to cut down my guilty pleasure. Trying…


Bath or shower? I’m a bath person. I never understand what’s relaxing about standing up? Literally nothing surely? But you do you, if you prefer a shower or don’t have one then do what you like. Just make sure it’s your favourite. Don’t forget your Lush bath bomb or bubble balm. This is a pamper night and so they’re essentials! Once I finish in the bath, when I’m still wet I put baby oil all over my body, this prevents against dry skin by locking in the moister.

Exfoliate/shave/ cellulite scrubber

This step (or steps) is just the best. There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling like you’re scrubbing off all the rubbish and shaving your legs revealing super smooth skin. That feeling is just THE best. I started to stress to my boyfriend’s mum about getting cellulite; I don’t have it but I feel it will come one day (unnecessary worry I know but still) and she suggested I get a cellulite massager. It breaks down the forming cellulite and so prevent it building up. I’m a massive believer in prevention actions, I use anti-aging skin care, firming lotions not to tackle problems but to prevent them because research shows this has the best results.

Shampoo & condition

I literally LOVE washing my hair, I’d do it every day if it wasn’t bad for my hair. I don’t really care what shampoo or conditioner I use, bad beauty blogging from me I do admit, however I usually use PRO:VOKE touch of silver colour care shampoo and conditioner. It’s not the purple shampoo (that turned my hair purple but that was when I was having a bleaching disaster) but it looks after the blonde, keeping it cool and still doesn’t turn it purple.

Hair care

I was never a fan at all of hair products, I always had that ‘my hair will be fine’ attitude. Trust me, it wasn’t. After getting my first GHDs at Christmas, I became addicted to them; I genuinely use heat on my hair every day. I didn’t want to not use then so I thought I better get into treatments to ensure my hair’s healthy. So, I invested in some leave in conditioner, argon oil, heat protectant spray and finishing spray. They literally make your hair look and feel like you’ve been to the salon. Perfect for pamper night!

Face care

I’ve spoken to you guys before about my skincare routine and how actually bothering with skin care changed my life. Not only did it sort out my skin, my confidence literally lifted so much now I’m not ashamed to post make-up-free selfies or go out the house! I start with taking my make-up off and washing my face with exfoliator (I usually do this in the bath when I have a pamper night). I then wipe my cotton pad with micellar water on it all over my face to lift the dirt out of my pores. It took me a while to get my head around spending money on this product. No one likes wasting money, but I genuinely love this product. I then do a face peel using my caviar infused mask. After washing this is followed by my caviar infused night cream (day cream if it’s the day time). These products are anti-aging as I’ve said before I’m a massive believe in preventative treatments. I have a collagen serum that then smooth all over my face. Collagen is proven to improve elasticity in the skin preventing wrinkles, sagging and all things that make you look older. This product was suggested again by my boyfriend’s mum, she’s a beautician and she literally knows EVERYTHING you need to know about how to look amazing. She’s my go to on all thing beauty!

Body care

I’ve recently really got into moisturising, I never used to do it but it’s so important for the skin especially after shaving. I use Vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant body lotion and no joke this product just makes your skin A M A Z I N G. Literally, it smells like heaven and literally gives your skin a new life it’s a must! On the back of my legs and bum I use the Clarins Body Fit moisturiser which combats against cellulite and stretch marks. I’ve genuinely noticed an improvement with the appearance of the back of my legs, it’s totally worth it!

Nails & Corrie (or whatever you want to watch)

I’m a student, there’s no a chance I can afford to get my gel nails done every two weeks. It’s just not happening, so I thought why not invest in a UV lamp but some gel varnishes and DIY. I researched into top home brands and went with FairyGlo UV LED Gel Polish and the Mylee Gel Nails Starter Kit. I’m genuinely very impressed! To say I’m not professionally trained it’s staying on at least two weeks, always. To see my lamp, click here. At the end of my paper night, there’s nothing better than to sit and do your nails while watching your favourite show. I’m obsessed with corrie, I just can’t miss it but you choose whatever you fancy! It’s your pamper night, after all.


Sleep works miracles. I’m one of those – Upset? Sleep. Tired? Sleep. Bored? Sleep. Annoyed? Sleep. It sorts everything and let’s be honest after a long, hard day/week you really just want to climb into bed and shut those eyes, so why not!

I hope you enjoy these tips and have a lovely relaxing treat!



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