Monthly goals (March) // 06.03.18 - Georgina Barkworth

Monthly goals (March) // 06.03.18

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One of my key blogging focuses this year is to stay on track of my goals and achievements to make sure I'm the best version of me in 2018.  I never really like February so I'm kind of glad to see it go. However, I do feel satisfied if not pleased with what I've achieved in February.

When I last checked in with you guys regarding goals and achievements, I hadn't yet found a PR & Fashion Journalism placement that I was really wanting, to develop my experience towards my degree. Since this, I have managed to get myself an internship at The Independent London Fashion Week Designers Association for 4 months where I'll be working within PR and Fashion Journalism. I literally couldn't be happier at the placement I've managed to achieve! Not only did I get my placement, I also went to London Fashion Week where I worked with House of iKons backstage and so achieved another one of my goals.

I can't stress the value of reviewing achievements, it gives you a sense of satisfaction but also shows you haven't muddled your way through the month. You've actually achieved things, even if they're only small; if you set out to work on them and nailed it, then well done you!

In March, I have a lot of assessments due at university, they're all crammed close together and it's stressful. My focus for March will be working hard on these. Also, I will be concentrating on my blog, producing good content for you guys and trying to engage with you more because I love it when I get comments on my posts of requests for specific posts. So, feel free to comment below or message me a request!

MY 2018 GOALS:

  • buy a new car - ACHIEVED IN JANUARY
  • work at London Fashion Week - ACHIEVED IN FEBRUARY
  • get a 2:1 or above at uni - ON TRACK
  • grow and monetise my blog - ON TRACK
  • work for a PR company and make PR contacts - ACHIEVED IN FEBRUARY
  • get toned and healthy
  • save money- ON TRACK
  • create a clothing brand

  • successfully start to work at the ILFWDA
  • do well in my assessments at university
  • produce good content for my blog
  • engage more with my readers
"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today" - Will Rogers

I'd love for you to comment below how your 2018 is going and what you've been up to this month. 



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