My self care tips // 13.02.18 - Georgina Barkworth

My self care tips // 13.02.18

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We’ve all had those days where you just give up on everything you’re trying to achieve and lay in bed and/or completely ignore all your responsibilities. You forget your goals, responsibilities, social life – Everything – and just give up. Well, self care is the practicing of just a few activities that stops you from getting to that point and allows you to achieve so much more.

You might realise from following my blog, this year I’ve really been focusing on how to achieve my goals and improving myself. However, I’ve recently realised I’ve been having way too many of those days, giving up on everything and totally wasting my time. I know that if I’ve been feeling this way I’m sure many of you guys have too so I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing to reduce the lazy unproductive days and implement self care.


It all starts here. I used to be a massive believer of the concepts “hard works pays off” and “the more you put in the more you get out.” I’m not saying these concepts aren’t true because they are. They’re so motivational and if you put nothing in you get nothing out. However, there is a point where you crash and burn which is very important to avoid. Self care is not a one-time situation, it’s not a pamper night, it’s not a few motivational words and it’s certainly not immediate. It takes time putting some actions and thoughts into daily practice until you notice its effect on your life, but trust me it’s worth it.

I always try to remember that all I want out of life is to live my best life and if it doesn’t work today then there’s a reason for it. I truly believe the cliché 'everything happens for a reason', just unfortunately your conscience wanted to go down a different path to your fate but don’t stress it will all become well in the end.
be good, happiness, self care, relax, happy, love, care, mentality, wellbeing


Address what makes you feel down. This is the first step to finding out how to address how you’re feeling. If you write it down then you can attack each situation and then cross it out when its improved. This will show how much you’re achieving without realising it.

Declutter and detox. Get rid of all the stuff you have laid around, rubbish, unused clothing etc just get rid of it to the charity shop or if it hasn’t got any life left, bin it. This will make you feel you’ve achieved something, tidying up, plus it will mentally make you feel decluttered. I enjoy detoxing from everything that stresses me out – people, social media, bad foods – anything. Recently, I started a new Twitter account (here) as I wanted to detox from a lot of people. Sometimes it feels such a relief to ignore your phone for the evening don’t go on social media don’t reply to those messages you feel obliged to reply to but actually can’t be bothered with - have some freedom.

Create a goals list. I’m sure you know by now I’m a massive fan of goals lists. I have one in front of my desk with my 2018 goals on it divided up into categories of education, personal, finance and business. When I achieve goals, I tick them off so when I’m working I can visualise what I’ve achieved and what I have left to do. I find it so motivational. 

Exercise. It’s so important to exercise and feel good. You don’t necessarily have to lift weights or anything like that. I never do. Anything will make you feel better, walking, running, yoga… It’s not about what you’re doing, it’s about that you’re doing it.

Give back to people. Since I started as a teaching assistant I find it so satisfying and rewarding helping children with their education, making sure their time at school is successful and enjoyable. I would advise anyone looking to improve how they feel about themselves to give back to people somehow.

Pamper nights always work wonders but they aren’t key to self care. No one can deny that having a bath with oils and bath bombs, washing their hair, tanning, doing their nails etc doesn’t boost their confidence. Of course, it does! However, this only improves how you feel about your visual self, not anything else, so it is important to do this step along with the rest. I’m going to be doing a post soon about what I do on my pamper nights so stay up to date with my blog for that!

If you have any tips to add feel free to comment below what works for you.



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