Bloggers to follow in 2018 // 20.02.18 - Georgina Barkworth

Bloggers to follow in 2018 // 20.02.18

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One of the major things I've learnt in the last six months about blogging is that blogger support is vital. Surprisingly, it's so important not to view other bloggers as 'rivals' but to connect with other bloggers, whatever their niche, and support them. From supporting other bloggers, not only do you learn more and therefore become more successful but you also have a community of people who understand what blogging is like.

It's actually so embarrassing for me to admit, even though I'm a blogger, I've only just got into reading blogs. I've had my blog now for coming up to four years, however, I never really interacted with other bloggers nor read other blogs. In the last six months, I've really changed my engagement with other bloggers. I now follow many blogs and regularly help promote their work on my social media.

It's such a shame smaller bloggers, like us, often get overshadowed by the big bloggers with their crazy high following (that aren't always organic). We hold down normal jobs, sometimes are even students as well, also doing this blogging thing - planning posts, writing them, taking photos, getting all technical with SEO and stats, trying to grow our social following... The list goes ON. It can be frustrating having the same amount of passion, dedication, producing high-quality content etc but not getting recognised for it.

But let's be real, being bitter doesn't get you anywhere, especially not in blogging. Instead, following other bloggers and creating a community is so much more important in order to grow and learn nevermind the fact that reading other blogs can be so interesting!

 I thought I'd collate a list of some really lovely blogs out there, not all from the fashion/lifestyle niche, to share with you, so you can see what I like to read and recognise their talent. If you have any blogs that you love reading feel free to share them in the comments section.


Thank you for reading this week's post, if there are any specific blog posts you'd like me to write in the next few weeks feel free to comment below.




  1. Thanks for the shout out! I agree that it's so important to support other bloggers, rather than compete against each other. I'll be checking out the other blogs in this list :)

    Nicola x

  2. You're awesome with a capital A. It's important for us to support each other cuz it'll help us grow. Thanks for the mention. ����

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out. And you're absolutely right about bloggers supporting each other, not seeing ourselves as rivals, and how being bitter over bigger bloggers getting recognized won't help or take us anywhere.

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