My 2018 goals // 03.01.18 - Georgina Barkworth

My 2018 goals // 03.01.18

I love this time of year, I know you can have a fresh start whenever but I for some reason think it’s easier in January. I like to set myself aims. I have them written down on a poster above my desk so I can regularly focus on them.

2017 for me was either really amazing or really horrific. I’m extremely grateful for all the places I got to see last year - New York, Florida, Murcia, Marbella and Ibiza - I have amazing memories from going there. I’m proud I passed my A-Levels with higher grades than I expected and got onto my PR and Journalism degree that I love. However apart from my A-Levels, I feel I didn’t work hard enough on blogging and other things I enjoy which leads me to my 2018 aims.
  1. Get toned and healthy 
I’m so lucky that to have a high metabolism because throughout 2017 all I ate was takeaway and junk food (blame my boyfriend). However, everyone knows this is no way to live and although it may not show on my body it will definitely be affecting my insides. I aim in 2018 to eat a lot healthier but treats are allowed and to
also work out because I don’t think I did any exercise in 2017.

      2. Save money
I always think it is important to have some money saved just for those “incases”. I have set a proportion of my wages that I aim to save each month because I never did that last year and I think it will be valuable to me.

     3. Grow my blog
I love my blog and all my readers especially because I’ve been doing it for about 3 1/2 years so far. In 2018, I aim to post every Tuesday and over the months grown my readership and monetise my blog. By the way, if any of you guys have any requests for posts, collaborations etc drop me a message. I want to engage with you all so much more than I do right now. I’ll link all my social media for you guys below. 

     4. Create a clothing brand
I’ve always wanted to give this a try and you guys all know how much I love clothes. I really struggle to find clothes that I like for reasonable prices. My thoughts are to create sophisticated luxury style designs with materials that feel expensive but at affordable prices. I’m continuing to research into this, at the moment it is just an idea but hopefully by December 2018 I’ll be there.

I think having a handful of aims is a good way to start the year and become focused on hardworking. Obviously, there are more things I want to accomplish in 2018 such as finishing my first year at uni with a 2:1 or above, working with some amazing companies for my PR work experience as well as others but by selecting the 4 most important, your aims become more attainable because you’re focused on a small amount.

I wish all my readers the best for 2018 and I ask you all the engage with me more because I love hearing your thoughts and requests.
Happy new year, love Georgina ❤️

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