How to organise your wardrobe // 23.01.18 - Georgina Barkworth

How to organise your wardrobe // 23.01.18

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Having an organised wardrobe with easy access to items regularly used is vital. It keeps everything looking clean and simple. When it comes to my wardrobe most people would say I have slight OCD and go very OTT with organising. But trust me nothing goes missing and I ALWAYS know when someone has been in my wardrobe. My mum and sister are very bad for this but they never get away with it.


Clear as much space as possible and dump all your clothes in the middle for a massive sorting. Include literally everything, lounge wear, underwear, wardrobe, chest of drawer's items in storage. Don't miss anything out.


Be aware of what space you have. Since I moved house, I don't have a lot of space. My walls are planted so I can't actually fit a wardrobe into my room because my double bed and desk takes up most of the space so I have a rail and draws. By knowing your space (wardrobe, draws, storage) you can plan effectively.


Now sort your clothes into the following piles:

  • Regularly used (easy access needed)
  • Special occasion wear
  • Out of season
  • Stains/ needs repairing
  • Charity - pretty much everything you don't want. Try charity shop more than you sell, you'd be surprised how many people need clothes.
  • Sell - anything profitable but worth your time
  • Bin - only clothes that are past their use
When you are sorting these piles put the clothes that fit into the bottom 4 categories into separate bin bags. This makes for easy sorting. Make sure to also set a date as to when you'll sell, repair or charity shop the clothes and stick to it. There's no point going to all this effort for those bags just to be left in the house somewhere. Trust me, it will be a relief once they're gone.

"Good order is the foundation of all things." - Edmund Burke

Now to deal with the top 3 categories. I store my regularly used clothes and my occasion wear on a clothes rail because a wardrobe doesn't fit into my room. My out of season clothes go in a vac-pac bag under my bed and they will be changed over onto the rail during the summer. This step all depends on your space. But the essential thing to take from this is make sure your regularly used clothes are easily accessed and the out of season clothes are put away. This makes it so much easier to choose what to wear and to see what you actually have.


My clothes rail is ridiculously organised. So, I organise it from left to right in colour order as follows. White, beige, gold, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, grey, black. I don't have any clothes that are colours that aren't included in that sequence but if you do you could add the colour where appropriate. Within each colour section, I arrange the items as follows: vests, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, roll necks, skirts (in length order), trousers, dresses (in length order), blazers then coats. This allows me to know exactly where each item should be then if it's not their either it's in the wash or someone has taken it. I remember my wardrobe used to be so messy I'd think things where in the wash or missing but they'd actually be hidden in a big pile at the bottom. There's nothing worse!

I hope this post was helpful to give you some ideas to keep your clothes organised so you know where everything is. Organised storage makes everything so much easier!



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