How I stay organised // 18.01.18 - Georgina Barkworth

How I stay organised // 18.01.18

diary, laptop, organisation

Staying organised is hard when I have to balance working at Jack Wills, university, blogging and web content writing as well as a social life and all the rest of it. However, I feel like I've cracked it, some people probably would say I'm even to organised but whatever. I thought I'd share my ways I stay organised, including a few free printables for you to stay organised as well.

Get a diary
diary, laptop, organisation
Literally my diary is my saviour. Everytime I book or plan something it goes straight into my diary so I can visualise what I'm doing that week plus it helps me make sure I don't take on too much. I remember leaving sixth form thinking what am I going to do without a planner, I used it to schedule everything so it seemed like a diary was a necessity. My diary also has a money section so I can see how much I'm spending on things if I choose to track that.  my diary is from Filofax so once you've bought the leather case you can by the separate pages so you don't have to keep buying a whole new diary each year. To view Filofax diaries, click here.

Create as many to do lists a necessary
diary, laptop, organisation

If you saw how many I write each day you'd be shocked. So I do daily to do lists in the order I need to get things done and I also do weekly to do lists. They help me feel like I've accomplished something. Who thought it would be so satisfying crossing something out! When I'm at my desk I have a large on in front of me, so it helps me visualise what I have to do when I start day dreaming and when I do out I do myself mini ones in my diary at the back in the notes section. I've created you guys a free printable to do list that will look cute above your desk ( or wherever you choose to put it) like mine.

Plan and schedule everything

For me this is so important. I know what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. So I have all my deadlines  for uni written down on my wall so I can keep focused on them. For example, for blogging, I write down all my blog ideas and fit them into my schedule. I've literally got posts up to April this year planned and what date I'm posting them. For revision, I get my model and do a breakdown sheet of what topics I need to cover and then do. tick boxes whether Ive made revision notes, revised and tested my self. This helps me to visualise how much effort I've put in and what I still have left to do.




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