Get to know me tag // 09.01.18 - Georgina Barkworth

Get to know me tag // 09.01.18

So I thought this would be a fun post for the new year so you guys can get to know me more. I've decided in my blog post on Tuesday 13th February I'll be doing a Q&A post along with a giveaway. To enter into the giveaway, you will have to ask a question to be used in the post either in the comments of my blog post or  on any of my other social media. I'll be announcing what my giveaway will be soon. 

1. Full name
Georgina Mary Barkworth
2. Zodiac sign
3. 3 fears
Being alone, drowning and spiders.
4. 3 things I love
My family, shopping and achieving goals.
5. My best friend
Lily-Mai – She’s been there since day one. Nothing could ever replace her.
6. Last song I listened to
I know its different but I don’t listen to a lot of music so I can’t remember.
7. 3 Turn ons
Good manners, thoughtfulness and honesty
8. 3 Turn offs
Self-centeredness, arrogance and bad dress sense.
9. What colour underwear I’m wearing right now
10. How many tattoos/piercings do I have
I’ve never had a tattoo and I don’t fancy one. I have my ears pierced (lobes) and my belly button.
11. The reason I started blogging
So I started when I was about 15 but only the last year have I taken it seriously. I love talking and helping people so I thought it would be a good place to do that as well I love writing and taking photos.
12. How I feel right now
Tired, I’ve worked all day but I have loads to get done this week so I’m sat with my ‘to do’ list getting it done.
13. Something I really really want
There’s many things – world peace, world happiness, equality among others.
14. My current relationship status
In a relationship
15. Meaning behind my URL
It’s my name. I thought it would be good like that because at the end of the day my blog is all about me, my thoughts, my advice, my life. It just makes sense.
16. My favourite movie
The devil wears Prada.
17. My favourite song
I don’t have one.
18. My favourite band
I don’t have a favourite band but I LOVE Nicki Minaj.
19.  Things that upset me
Talking behind one’s back, rude people, selfishness, rumours among others. 
20. Things that make me happy
Love, seeing people happy, shopping, success and achievement.
21. What I find attractive in other people
Good manners, intelligence and a love for food.
22. Someone I miss
I’m not sure.
23. Someone I love
My family and Eddy
24. My relationship with my parents
I love my family, they’re hard work because everyone is so loud and opinionated but it’s definitely a fun house to live in.
25. My favourite holiday
Either Mauritius for my mum’s 40th or New York for my 18th with Eddy. They were both such memorable holidays with many special parts.
26. My closest blogging
I have a few, Hannah, Molly, Daniella and Georgina. I’ll tag their blogs.
27. Someone famous I’d date
David Beckham. I like to think Eddy kind of looks like him.
28. A confession
I’m horrific at singing..
29. 3 Things that annoy me easily
Loud videos, not being able to find something to wear and plans getting chancelled/
30. My favourite animal
31. My pets
I have one cat and two dogs
32. One thing I’ve lied about
When I’ve said to someone “it’s fine” when I’m actually annoyed.
33. Something that’s currently worrying me
Where I’ll be in 10 years. I don’t like the unknown.
34. An embarrassing moment
There are too many ...
35. Where I work
So I’m a student at Leeds Beckett studying PR & Journalism but I also blog, work at Jack Wills and I’m about to start a part-time job as a teaching assistant.
36. Something that’s constantly on my mind
37. 3 Habits I have
Eating too much, biting my nails and being constantly on Instagram.
38. My future goals
So, for my career I want to go into fashion PR I’m not sure where yet or what part. I would also love to blog as well for a living. I want to have a family and be the best mum I can. I have many other smaller goals but they’re my main ones.
39. Something I fantasise about
Nothings a fantasy it’s all possible.
40. My favourite store
Zara. It’s literally the best shop ever who needs anything else.
41. My favourite food
Any pasta.
42. What I did yesterday
Worked then slept. I was so tired.
43. Something I’m talented at
Organisation. I’m probably a bit too organised actually.
44. My idea of the perfect date
45. My celebrity crush
David Beckham.
46. My favourite blog
47. Number of kids I want
2. A boy and a girl
48. Do I smoke/drink
I don’t smoke and I drink occasionally.
49. One word that describes me
Thoughtful or organised.
50. My favourite quote
I’ll get back to you on this one with a blog post about it soon.



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