How I wrap my Christmas presents // 19.12.17 - Georgina Barkworth

How I wrap my Christmas presents // 19.12.17

Christmas present wrapping can be rather hard and boring if you don't really know how to wrap presents. I know my boyfriend's present wrapping is horrific. I have to wrap all the presents, even the ones from him to me. 

I feel that wrapped presents are also part of the Christmas tree decorations, I like to get them wrapped as early as possible so the tree looks nice and full at the bottom plus it’s a relief to know that's another job done. For me it's important that my wrapping colour scheme matches my tree decorations colour scheme. Maybe it's too fussy but that's me. I've put together a step by step tutorial of how I wrap presents with some images to show how I've previously wrapped presents to fit my colour scheme.

1. Get the paper with the squares on the back and make sure your tape will stick to it.
2. Measure the paper, cut around the present and stick the first 2 sides together.
3. Start at one of the open sides, fold both corners in and fold that up and stick it down.
4. Repeat this on the other side
5. Add your name tag (make sure it’s already been written on) and gift bow. I like mine in the corners
6. Starting on the side with no tape, wrap the ribbon around and twist it on the underneath so it will wrap up the other side. Tie this in a bow.
7. Using scissors, curl the ribbon by pulling it along the blade of scissors in a fast motion.
8. Finished! Finally looking all pretty.



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