How I decorate my christmas tree // 12.12.17 - Georgina Barkworth

How I decorate my christmas tree // 12.12.17

baubles, christmas, decorations

This festive season, my mum has put me in charge of organising our Christmas tree, deciding the colour scheme, finding the decorations and putting it up. I love watching all of the YouTube videos on how they achieve the massive department store-style trees, so I was always going to take this responsibility very seriously! 

At the moment I'm loving silver, everything is silver for me ATM. Whether it's jewellery, my Instagram feed, my blog header or my wrapping paper etc.- it HAS to be silver. Silver goes perfect with white plus they keep it looking rather classy and chic so I opted for this as my colour scheme.

After putting the tree up and adding the lights, I attached little snippets of sparkly holly that I found at the range as well as some branches with larger sparkly leaves and pine cones. I think they create of a glam luxury feel to the tree as well as bulk out the barer bits of the tree frame which makes it look so much fuller. 

baubles, christmas, decorations
The pine cones and glittery leaves I added to the tips of the branches
I then wrap a glittery thread around the tree that has sparkly wispy bits coming off it. I think is the perhaps the more tasteful version of tinsel. I can't stand the stuff but each to their own. The thread creates a subtle sparkle which adds to the lights and makes the tree sparkle and look rather full. 

After this, I add on the plain baubles that decorate the back ground of the tree. this year I have opted for silver back ground baubles sparkly ones and those that are shiny. I find these create a lovely background to add my feature baubles to and help to carry the colour scheme. I went to the range recently and isles of lovely glass baubles that have white and silver decorations in them so a chose approximately 8 different ones to be my feature baubles that add luxury and individuality to my treat. Be careful I ended up smashing a few. 

My finishing touches where big white bows made of a sheer white netting that add cuteness and glamour to my tree. I know they aren't everyone’s cup of tea but I like them as my tree doesn't have feature ends such as snow or berries so I find attaching bows or branches to add a special quality to it.

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