Skin care advice // 07.11.17 - Georgina Barkworth

Skin care advice // 07.11.17

If any of you guys know me well, you'll know I used to have HORRIFIC skin. When I say horrific I literally mean THE WORST hormonal spots ever. They made me so self-conscious, I wouldn't do anything without make up, not even sleep because it really upset me to even see myself without it on never mind others seeing me. Now however, I'm so much more confident with my skin but I do have to put a lot more effort in to maintain clear skin. So, I thought I'd share my tips and products that achieve clear skin for me.


This was my biggest mistake from feeling so self-conscious. Although it upset me so much to see my skin without makeup your skin need fresh air and needs to be free from dirt. But beware makeup wipes DO NOT solve this problem. When I say take your make up off I mean invest in makeup wipes, exfoliating face wash, cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It may seem expensive or you may not like spending money on something you don't deem as important but trust me it’s worth it. (I've tagged the products I use)

2. SUN, SUN, SUN (or vitamins)

I used to remember going on holiday and for that week my skin would clear up but then I'd get home and it would go back to horrifically spotty and when I say spotty I mean those spots that are like cysts that can't be popped but KILL when you try to move my face. For me if I haven't got a holiday booked I use vitamin D to help clear my skin. I'd advise using vitamin supplements always anyway as its really important your skin gets the vitamin D it needs.


I'm aware this sounds weird but my day time and night-time moisturisers are infused with caviar and I SWEAR by them. If you're only going to prioritise some parts of your skin care, you NEED to get caviar infused moisturisers and face masks they work wonders. I also have a caviar infused face mask and face oils that revitalise and nourish my skin maintaining its elasticity and illuminating it. I'm not lying or hyping this product at all. See here to view the caviar infused products I use. They're what I'd say are an amazing dupe for the La Prairie Luxe skin care range that retail at around £350.

Let me know in the comments or on my social media what you guys think or any tips you have for everyone else. X



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