How I get my curls to stay // 17.08.17 - Georgina Barkworth

How I get my curls to stay // 17.08.17

Curls are definitely my favourite look, whether it's little ones at the ends of my hair or big blow dry style bouncy curls. But for ages I could never get them to last, they always dropped out which infuriated me, so I've been seeking ways to get them to stay. The key to holding curls is always preparation then setting, so if these two steps are done correctly it will work out.

I start by washing my hair, only using shampoo. Leave out the conditioner, it smoothens the hair and weights it down which only makes the curls drop out easier. Just remember to give your hair a good condition when it’s not being curled. I then towel dry my hair and use a curling mousse distributing a palm full all over my hair. My favourite is Schwarzkopf twisted Double Power Curling Mousse. I then blow dry my hair using a round brush. After each section is dry, I curl the ends of my hair by wrapping it around the brush heating it with the hot air which forms the curl and setting it with the cool air button.

After doing this all over my head, I then select what type of curl I want. If it’s small curls I’ll section my hair and curl it using the wand or if its rollers I section the hair and add my heated rollers. Setting the curls is essential for them to last, I either pin them while they cool (when using a wand) or make sure to leave my rollers in till they have fully cooled down or even blast them with the cold air from the dryer. If they aren’t set, they will completely drop out otherwise.

For me the texture of hairspray is also essential. I hate that crispy hair spray look but I also don’t want to brush out my curls because for me that doesn’t work. So I use Schwarzkopf got2b Happy Hour 24 Hour Hairspray which is so good at making the curls last over night without that crispy hairspray texture. After this I’m ready to go, my hair is fully prepped, styled and set and for me lasts anything whether it’s a pool party, night out or a windy day.



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