Getting lip fillers // 08.08.17 - Georgina Barkworth

Getting lip fillers // 08.08.17

Before anyone questions why I have done this, I want to make clear a number of things. I know I had nice lips before and lip augmentation (fillers) is not necessary but I wanted to try it out as I've always been curious about them.

To be honest, I was never really nervous about getting it done. Needles don't scare me and when I was met with the classic "you're putting a foreign object into your body" line, I knew that actually the Juvederm lip filler is made up of hyaluronic acid which is naturally in your body anyway. I was just more interested in getting it done rather than all the worrying. I knew the product was safe so I just had to go to a qualified and experienced practitioner. I knew with Kara (KarAesthetics) I'd be in good hands, I've had friends that have been and had amazing results. We sat down and ran through all the documents and serious parts, the look I wanted, how much lip filler we'd use (1ml), what it would feel like, aftercare, every question I had she answered.

In the days running up to getting them done, I had only told my boyfriend and closest friends as I didn't really want to hear all the opinions of people who weren't really educated in aesthetics. So, after running through all the medical history forms and important information it was time for it to finally happen. A numbing cream was left on my lips for 20 minutes, it created that really weird feeling of pins and needles crossed with a dead lip. I literally thought my lips were about to drop off. They hadn't even been touched with a needle yet! This was then wiped off and I was laid back in a chair, rather like being at a dentist and closed my eyes. As I wanted my upper lip wider and all over more voluminous, I was told it would feel as though I was squeezing a spot on the edge of my lip a few times then I'd feel nothing. I wouldn't say it hurt, it was more eye watering like getting salt in a really bad cut. Bearable. Kara massaged my lips, placing the filler where she wanted it ensuring there were no visible lumps.

I was obviously swollen and a little red but this was very minimal compared to what I expected. You hear the horror stories of lumpy lips and purple/blue faces. This was nothing like it, with a swipe of lip gloss I was ready to go back to work. It made me laugh at the lack of mouth movement I had for the first 48 hours. The classic "I've just had Botox, I have no facial expression" look just around the mouth area. This made the girls at work laugh a lot.

I was advised a 'hands off approach' until my next consultation with Kara, this allows the body to even out the filler naturally and let the swelling go down without aggravating it. It only took around 48 hours for my swelling to stop and I can honestly say my experience with lip fillers was a million times better than I expected and I can't wait to have another 0.5ml.



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