Why I would never recommend acrylic nails // 03.07.17 - Georgina Barkworth

Why I would never recommend acrylic nails // 03.07.17

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For the past two years I have had acrylic nails done religiously. If anyone was to ever ask me whether to get them or not I'd always endorse them without out a doubt. There's just something about long acrylic nails that made me feel empowered  and flawless and I hated the thought of stubby fingers and tiny nails. However, there's a reason why celebrities like Kim K don't have acrylics and I finally realised why.

Behind my love for the glam, there's much more to these nails that are shocking. I never actually realised how thin and weak they made my natural nail. After getting them removed I could literally bend my nail like a piece of paper, due to the regular filing on the top of my nail, the lack of air to them and the effect of the glue. Totally horrific. So I'm left with very thin nails, using the O.P.I nail envy strengthener to attempt to restore my nails which will take forever.

But it gets worse. Because my nails were so weak and ruined from these nails as well as the very long length, twice I knocked my nail on a surface and instead of breaking, my real finger nail ripped off the nail bed and left me with no nail. Now surely that's enough for anyone to realise this beauty treatment is not worth it. To me it seems pointless having weak nails and loosing nails just to have an enhancement. I have actually started to like the look of nicely grown natural nails with a gel polish on, which is how I'll be keeping my nails from now on.



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