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My teeth whitening experience

I never actually realised how yellow or cream my teeth were until the other day when I had my teeth whitened. Everyone sees adverts of Facebook about people coming to you house to do it so ,with my boyfriend and his family, thought we'd try it out to see how good it is.

First the whitening technician (actually qualified, don't worry) ran us through what was going to happen and what the results would be like along with the important after care. Its actually so annoying what you can't eat for 24 hours after, literally nothing tasty. We then prepped our teeth, drying them with menthol wipes so the American gel takes to the teeth better. Its important the gel is American or EU made so it complies with our health regulations rather than an Asian make due to different regulations and use of chemicals. We applied a tray, almost like a double gum shield to our moths and sat in front of the LED laser light for 20 minutes to enhance the gel, essentially making it work faster. This was repeated 3 times to get maximum results.

In all honesty, it was so boring sitting for over an hour to whiten my teeth. However I genuinely couldn't believe the change. I never actually used to stand in the mirror thinking "OMG my teeth are so gross" so when I first saw my teeth I thought they looked better but not completely transformed. It obviously takes multiple goes but I was so surprised at my transformation photo! It actually looks amazing and has made so much of a difference; I will definitely be getting a top up in 6 months.

For anyone wanting to know where I had it done feel free to comment below.



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