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Revision Tips

Unfortunately that time of year is here. Revision period. It starts to get sunny all you want to do is go out but you know really you should be revising not procrastinating. I always found myself asking "but how do I actually revise?" and "what actually is revision?", so I thought I'd share my few tips on successful revision and how to still have a life.

1. Every week I plan my week.
I literally write out in a list what college periods I'm free each day and what I plan to do on a night. I fill them in with my commitments like work then add in homework, revision and free time. You must stick to this though otherwise there no point. I will attach a printable document for you to use.

2. I create my own revision guides

This allows you to process the information more than reading a guide someone has already made. The active part processes more information making it more successful and it holds all the information you need so its less books and folders to carry around. Make sure to add colour and keep it neat.

3. Posters
My mum claims they do nothing, but for me they're great. I condense each topic/section onto an A3 poster that is colourful then I cover my walls in them. I find this only works if its teamed with revision guides, Q cards and practice papers but it certainly helps to remind you of parts when you're in your room.

4. I turn my revision guides into Q cards
Once my revision guide gets used and boring and I feel I need to start testing myself, I create these Question and answer cards with the answer on the other side and test myself regularly and keeping scores.

5. Practice
In the final run up to my exams all I do is question after question, paper after paper. This can be time consuming for me as I take essay subjects and my A-Levels are new so there aren't many past papers so I have to create my own but I just keep doing practice questions and papers handing them to my teacher for feedback.

6. If you start early then you can have a life
I start revision in March to ensure I have enough time to cover everything multiple times and that I can still have a life in the exam season when its good w
eather, plus it helps to calm the stress and feel that I'm going in the right direction.

7. Mentality
I always try to keep in mind that I can only do A-Levels and university once and I'm privilege to have education and it's only a few short months then its over and I can do what I want with my time so I should try my hardest now to come out with the best grades showing the best version of me.

Good luck in your exams, I hope these tips help, the link below is for my weekly planner.



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