Lifestyle change // 06.06.16 - Georgina Barkworth

Lifestyle change // 06.06.16


So after booking my first girls holiday to Cyprus earlier this week I was struck with the realisation that I'll need to get into a bikini. To make this feel even more tragic, since I've had exams and been working a lot. It’s often been easier to get quick snacks regularly and fast food rather than a good meal. Subconsciously I thought eating snacks instead of meals means you eat less; in my case this is certainly NOT true. Unfortunately.

Monday I promised myself I was going to be more disciplined with my diet and exercise. I overestimated my ability, but I guess that’s better than underestimation, right? I set my alarm for 5.30am and planned to get up make breakfast and exercise. Unsurprisingly 5.30am turned to 5.45am (I’m entitled to an extra 15 mins, surely?) but I got up an hour early nevertheless.

Smoothie time. I started to prepare one of those deliciously tasting smoothies that are all over fitness accounts on Instagram. I chose spinach, kiwi and grapes with coconut water. I’m sure my family were grateful for me not blending it until later… I went out for a 20 minute run. Music is essential - Apple music is great for this.  I vowed that I’d do at least a 20 minute work out every day, whether it be running, cycling or at the gym. The variety of activities and length of time is also essential for gaining the best results.

I came home and showered ready for college and had my smoothie with a slice of gluten free toast, no butter. Although I’m not a celiac I’ve decided to try and avoid regularly eating gluten as research shows it has bad effect for your health.

The majority of my friends are vegetarian, which made me turn to vegetarianism after watching Cowspiracy. THIS IS A MUST WATCH. It’s on Netflix. One of my friends in particular is Vegan and legit boasts about the benefits and the ease 24/7 (I love it though). Cyd runs a blog about veganism and what she encounters, you must take a look. Inspiational. 
I’m currently trying to do vegan breakfast and lunch and snacks while having a vegetarian dinner, so essentially the 6pm rule. I won’t preach to you about the benefits of Veganism, I’ll leave Cyd to that, however the effects of changing my diet are incredible. Forget to mention the genuine ease of substituting foods. If you follow my twitter, @geebarkworth, you’ll know I’m a crazy fan of Jamie Oliver. My mum has all his books, I rave about him and especially his vegan recipes.

Although this may seem totally over the top and like crazy dieting, it totally works for my lifestyle and what I want to achieve.



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