Highlight // 18.01.16 - Georgina Barkworth

Highlight // 18.01.16

I'm forever getting asked what products I use to do my make up or how I use the, this made me consider starting a youtube channel. Now, youtube is renowned for being a risky thing to start up due to the feedback a lot of people get so I am still toying with this idea (please let me know your thoughts). Meanwhile, I thought I may as well answer your questions over my blog because obviously, thats what it is here for, right?

If you already know me well or see me on a regular basis, you will know I tend to wear a full face of make up religiously. I promote individuality and self-expression. I don't see a problem with wearing a full face everyday if thats how I would like to look, I know this can be a controversial topic but we aren't here to talk about those issues nor am I particularly interested in them at this current moment.

Disclaimer aside, I can now being to talk you through my routine. Obviously my make up changes everyday depending if I want to wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes etc., but I will talk you through the main look. I start with a clean and moisturised face to which I apply my illuminating face primer from Monu; this product is key to my "glowing" look as a friend once said. I then use my Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face make-up brush. I think the key to flawless foundation is how you apply it not what product you use. I then define my eyebrows using the revolution fair to medium eye brow palette, for only £8! This palette comes with two eyebrow brushes (one round, one angled) and an eyebrow pencil. I absolutely love defined dark eyebrow and this kit allows you to achieve them for such a low price. I set the base of my ace using the Veil translucent finishing powder that I had prescribed to me by the doctor when I used to have bad skin. This product can be bought online and I would recommend this to everyone! I'm being completely honest when I say you can go swimming and it still keeps your face make-up flawless. It is so fine you can't even tell it is being worn but it is magic.

With my base make-up aside, I start to contour my face. I do this everyday with out fail. I use the Sleek face contour kit in powder form for my everyday look and when I go out I use the Anastasia Beverley Hills cream contour kit. To apply my contour I use a mini rectangle benefit brush I got in a gift set. Simply, I draw a line under each of my cheek bones, down each side of my nose and into the centre of my forehead from my temples stopping before the lines meet. Once my Dad saw me apply the start of my contour and wonder what on earth I was doing as it looks absurd but I'm sure you've heard this before- it's all about the blending. To blend out this product I use the Seventeen instant glow bronzing rocks. They give a sparkly, sun kissed look which I love. It dust this over my face using a kabuki brush, paying special attention to where I contoured to make sure it's blended nicely. To my cheek bones for a highlighted look, I apply the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter. This is also applied to my nose, cupid's bow, chin and forehead. Finally I dust over my skin with an old MAC bronzer I have to blend my highlighter in and then I apply my Rimmel wake me up mascara.

Whilst reading this, it may come across like this takes along time, maybe thats true if you're trying it for the first time. It only takes me 10-15 minutes, which I find an acceptable period of time to spend on daily make-up. Although I love using MAC, Nars and Anastasia Beverley Hills products of which I have a lot that are used for occasion make-up, I don't tend to buy high end make-up for everyday use. Due to the fact I wear a lot of make-up regularly, I don't feel I would be able to afford high end make-up often as well as clothes and all of the other things I like to treat myself to.

I think it's hard as a teen thats very fashion conscious; I was the latest look for the best quality but I also want other things at the same time. Unfortunately you can't have everything and so I compromise. However, I think the desire for more is important. I know certainly, it urges me on to do well so I can buy the luxury items I lust over. But, that's a whole new post in itself that I shall leave for a later date.



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