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My favourite looks at the moment

Whenever I see someone dressed well in a way that I wish to recreate I always take a picture or if its on the internet, I screenshot it. Over time from doing this, I've built up almost a "style file" of looks that I want to wear which is incredibly helpful when you have no inspiration. 

Maybe Kylie's roots don't look too attractive in this picture, however I am really loving how she wears the jumper dress. This dress can be really formal or chilled depending what you wear it with. I think it would look best with a pair of over the knee boots for a dressy daytime look.  

Another look I really like this season is from the image to the left. If you are a regular reader you'll know how simple I like to dress, I think the above outfit is fabulous for day and night, it can be worn with tights and flats for a daytime look or they can be removed and courts or strappy heels can be added for a more sophisticated look. I have once recreated this outfit before but using a white top instead.

From what I've read and seen, fur is massive this season. It is everywhere! Recently I bought a black fur stole that can be added to coats, blazers, jackets to add a bit add wintery detail. I think they go really well with over the knee boots as well as just jeans and boots for a less dressy occasion.

Again over the knee boots are featured in one of the outfits I love currently. Theres something about this outfit that screams confidence and I just love the colours it uses. This is definitely a look I shall be recreated once I get my hands on a pair of over the knee boots.



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