Why do women wear heels? - Georgina Barkworth

Why do women wear heels?

For those that know me well, you'll know that I very rarely wear flat shoes. Although one reason for only wearing heels is my height (5'4), the main reason is the sense of empowerment I feel the second my foot enters the shoe.

It has been proven that due to the way we displace our weight when we wear heels that it opens certain parts of the body up, e.g shoulders and so makes specific parts of the body stand out in order to balance. This chance in posture aids the feeling of being empowered and so it can be argued that it gives women courage and moral strength. Not only that but the change in posture is also a beneficial change as it opens up your back and straightens your spine.

Although some people hate wearing heels due to the extra height it gives you, personally I find this a very appealing advantage. Being fairly small, when I wear jeans I always feel my legs look too short and stumpy, however adding heels to my outfit instantly changes how I feel and see myself; I miraculously have long thin legs, which everyone desires. As well as making your legs appear longer, I think they also give you a sense of authority due to the new found height. It has been said that men used to wear heels to gain a sense of authority as it made them even taller and made them feel a certain way. I think it is interesting how the roles have reversed and now it is women who wear heels. I wonder, why? 

Perhaps this point is shallow but many people argue heels look a great deal better than an average pair of flat shoes. They have a certain aesthetic to them which I believe we interpret and so makes us act a certain way. The majority of people believe heels are only an evening shoe and aren't suitable for daytime, however I disagree. I live my life in heels, for college and shopping as well as when I go out. It's all about how you wear them, what you pair them with. They are an item you can easily utilise to take you from daytime to nighttime without looking out of place. 

It's so important to question the norm regarding heels because so many people sacrifice what they wear to suit the expectations of the majority. Why don't you think it's acceptable to wear heels to college if you feel good in them? 



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