Coming out with the trenches - Georgina Barkworth

Coming out with the trenches

Typically the English weather has turned bag with only more rain predicted, I believe it is now time to get the trench coat out. Originally from the 19th century military style, what is better than to draw on our heritage at this traditional time of year.

I simply love the trench coat as it is so classic you can always work with it and it never looks old. If you love traditional English style you may wish to pair your trench coat with brogues for that tomboy but chic look while it is belted tightly. However, my favourite look using this item with a pair of large chunky boots (Zara always have a fabulous pair out) this way your legs are elongated and you look very glamourous but practical- something I've been striving to achieve lately! The main point to the trench coat is that it works with anything, anytime of the day.

For the odd occasion that you may choose to wear it undone with the belt either hanging or it artistically tied behind you to create a small waist but a relaxed look it could be worse with a loose blouse underneath, my favourite being the pussycat bow blouse which is perfect for autumn with an aline skirt. This look is very sophisticated but also relaxed and so can be still worn in daywear. 

Essentially, the trench coat can be worn with anything in anyway and it still gives off the classic aura and is always chic and wearable day and night. 



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