Is that item really for you or are you dazed? - Georgina Barkworth

Is that item really for you or are you dazed?

The amount of times that I have purchased an item of clothing but when I get it home I realise that it looks horrific and I can't believe what I was thinking in the shop is ridiculous. Everyone knows when you first try on a piece of clothing in the changing room that you are in a daze of intimacy with the chosen piece. I often compare this to the honeymoon stage of a relationship where you can't see the faults of anything, however it's most disappointing taking the piece home and realising it's flaws. so I wish to give you a few tips that help to avoid this.

1.Basic, well-made underwear is key. No fancy frills or funny positioning of straps, this will only throw off the balance of what you are wearing or make it look uneven and be highlighted by the bright lights in the changing room.

2.Photos are always a great way to tell if the garment suits you or not. I've leant that the majority of mirrors in the changing rooms of stores have slimming and lengthening angles in order to persuade you to buy their items. A photograph of the look with no filter, no pout, only natural a looking image will be so beneficial. My advise is take multiple pictures from different angles- usually the staple front, side and back are all that is needed.

3.I wear heels everywhere. However if you're more into flats, which is understandable, when you are taking your photo stand on your tiptoes to gage what it would look like with height and without. This lets you see what it suits without having to take it home to test it.

Once you have taken these steps, scrutinise the photographs to make your decision. This way you'll see the actual look of the clothes you want to buy without any effects or alterations. The best thing about these steps is that they are so basic and easy to follow, yet they actually work and have saved me numerous trips into the shops to return items. I hope they work for you!



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