Kylie Jenner going blue. What's your opinion? - Georgina Barkworth

Kylie Jenner going blue. What's your opinion?

Kylie Jenner is well known for outrageous hair styles- shaving her hair, blue tips, a short bob- which understandably led to her own hair range, but what do we think to her electric blue mermaid like hair?

This new image of Kylie's is definitely not my favourite. I don't usually tend to support black roots with a crazy colour. I agree that although I don't like the look, she definitely rocks it, which is obviously predictable for Kylie Jenner. To improve this look, I would suggest a different colour; a colour less obscene which blends into her roots better. 

Regardless of my opinion on Kylie's hair, there are many other celebrities that have pulled it off well. This look is definitely one to try in these summer months. Coloured hair is totally festival-chic and always reappears every summer, it is almost like a gate-way everyone should pass through at some point. Below are some of my favourite outrageously coloured hairstyles. Let us know your opinions down in the comments bar.




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