Adidas X Pharrel - Georgina Barkworth

Adidas X Pharrel

It isn't often that I choose to wear flats shoes; I have never really liked them, I don't know if it's because they make me look irritatingly small or because I enjoy dressing up and wearing heels (probably both). However, recently I have become sick of heels as I have got the that point where I have about 1 pair of flat shoes that go with nothing. This really wasn't practical, so I sought out to find some new flat but stylish shoes!

About a month ago, Adidas released a limited edition collection, designed by Pharrell Williams, which were a variation on their 'superstar' shoe. This collection- named the supercolor collection- featured all tones of crazy colours ranging from electric blue to tangy orange, with a wide a ray of colours in between. I genuinely don't think there was a colour of shoe in this collection that I didn't fall in love with! After buying the bright Green trainer and the solar pink shade on their way, I knew you'd all like to see how I'd style them, as yes, they are obscenely bright and crazy!

I never really wear bright colours, my favourite colour pallet to wear is definitely monochrome, so this was almost like a new adventure to me. Classically, I wore them with an all black outfit. I thought instead of average jeans, I'd wear my ripped-knee jeans in order to create a really chilled vibe, that goes hand in hand with the trainers. I accessorised this look with a pair of electric green shades which had blue polarised lenses; this outfit felt ridiculous to wear but I loved how it looked. 

I'd also advise to wear block colours when wearing trainers of this sort or to keep the outfit really basic and wear only one colour like black or white and to create a pop with the shoes. Another idea which I had was to wear the trainers with a really plain outfit and then to match the colour to your eyeliner, shadow or lipstick (colour depending), this will really bring out the bold colour.



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