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Summer transformation

As summer is fast approaching and I'm sure many of you will be going on holiday very soon, I decided to write a post about a make up transformation look that carries you through daytime to nighttime with just a touch up! This look can also be used in daily life if you have work or school on the daytime then an event of the evening; I'm forever using this to carry me through day to night. 

I was inspired by what I believe to be a Mac drawing of a makeup look, you may have seen a few before. I particularly liked it as the tone of colours mentioned went well with my skin and wasn't too much effort for what I wanted. After using this transformation a few times, I really began to fall in love with. Not only the ease of creating the look was amazing but the summery-light feel and look it gave me I really loved. It's something that we all desire for in summer!

The day time look consists of a light Spf foundation, it's aways best to make sure it has at least Spf 20 in order to protect your skin in the sun. Bronzer can then be applied to give your face a subtle bronze glow, nothing too over the top. A light coat of mascara - preferably waterproof- should be added to the eyes to define them but not over load the look, as we are going for a beachy natural look. Behind we should lay light gold, dusty pink or cream tones for an eyeshadow. I have only recently got into wearing blusher after seeing this picture and it's fair to say it's the perfect addition to create a warm summer glow. Add a peachy toned or a subtle pink to the apples of your cheeks bringing it up your cheek bones for a delicate look. In order to finish off this chilled beach look, a coat of nude lipgloss or lipstick should be added. My favourite thing about this look is that it is so basic, it emphasises your features with out making it seem unnatural. Surely that's everyones aim when it comes to makeup?

Now for the nighttime look, I love this because there is nothing I hate more than having to take daytime makeup off to start evening makeup when you hardly have any turn around time and a million other things to fit in as well as getting ready! To the makeup you already have on, add a darker pink or red blush to where you applied it previously and underneath this add in a contour in order to make your cheek bones stand out. You may want to emphasise your eyes more, so add a darker tone of gold, brown and/or black to the crease of your eye and the outer edge. Make sure this is incredibly well blended! I love applying lashes and volumising mascara when I go to events, so this would be the perfect opportunity to apply some long wispy lashes to the look to really create some drama, on your face and at the event. Finally, add an orange toned lipstick to round off the look and you're ready to go out! 

The bronze, gold and orange tones that are used in both of these looks really make this look appeal to me as it reminds me of summer and my favourite tones to use at this time of the year, plus they suit the majority of skin tones!



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