What I wore to the Hull Fashion Week afterparty - Georgina Barkworth

What I wore to the Hull Fashion Week afterparty

Unfortunately, I am the type of person to buy clothes but just leave them hanging, with the label on, in my wardrobe. Plus, I am also the type of person who impulse buys, so when I see something appealing I must have it with out thinking if i'd actually wear it and what i'd style it with, hence why I come to a lot of problems where I have lots of clothes just never wearing all of them. 

As it was fashion week in my city, where I had been modelling (which my previous post is on), there was an after party to attend to say thank you to everyone involved and network. It was one of those long days full of quick changes and rushing around everywhere, this still continued into the night. When I got home from the show, I didn't have long to find an outfit and get ready then bounce back out again. How very typical of the fashion industry!

After stressing about what I should wear and what goes with what, I found my Alexander Wang cropped top/sports bra from his H&M collection he did last year, that I still hadn't worn. I styled that with a scuba skirt from Topshop and crossed heels from Zara, my current favourite shoe! I'm sure you can tell I was going for the sports look. 

I found this outfit really fun to wear as the Alexander Wang collection was limited edition, you don't see anyone wearing anything similar, which makes the outfit feel a lot more personal to you (which is everyone aim, right?). You never know, I may turn up to the gym in the top, after all it is actually a sports bra!