Modelling at Hull Fashion Week Finale - Georgina Barkworth

Modelling at Hull Fashion Week Finale

This year I was lucky enough to be able to model at the finale of the annual Hull fashion Week. It was definitely the most wildest experience I have witnessed but it definitely captured the fashion industry at its finest- long hours, hectic but rewarding. 

My day started at 5am, getting myself prepared for the long day ahead, showering, packing and dressing, then hoping on a train to reach the venue, Hull City Hall for 8am to start make up and hair. Surprisingly, going through the process of hair and make up was rather therapeutic before the walk which I found very beneficial in order to calm my nerves. 

Hull Fashion week is about showcasing the fashion that hull has to offer wether it be from our brig high street stores or the stunning boutiques that Hull really thrives in. On the day we were to feature in 6 walks: sportswear, festival, celebration, "Made in Hull", heritage and industry. 

Before the catwalk began all of the models got ready to launch Hull Fashion Week Finale on the balcony of the Hull City Hall with our two presenters, Keeley Donovan and Rapper, Nineties Boy along with celebrity stylist LDW. I must say it was a remarkable experience to work with him, I feel I have learnt so much and so many doors have been opened for me, so to speak. The sportswear collection feature kits from the two super league teams Hull FC and Hull Kr along with other sports wear from every sport you can imagine, ranging from rugby to polo. This was followed by a boxing master class from Hull's very own champion- Tommy Coyle. Next it was onto festival wear. Hull has many festivals such as Freedom Fest, Humber street sesh, the folk festival and more so these outfits were fabulous for the audience to be able to recreate at any of Hull's festivals! There's always a reason for celebration in Hull so the next show was celebration clothes. Featuring wedding dresses and suits along with more relaxed dresses and outfits that could have been worn to many events, this show was eye catching to say the least. The 'Made in Hull" show was to follow, this was a show to display all of the clothes from a unique boutiques only in Hull. My favourite walk out of all! Previous to the day I went to 'The Little Cobbled Street' shop in order to design my outfits for this show. The owner of this shop designs clothes as well as many other objets with illustrations, some relating to Hull and others not. I really enjoyed this section as I felt it was really personal to me being from Hull and also designing my own clothes! Anyone is able to go and design their prints on their clothes here along with having the option of pre designed items which I believe is very unique and is why it is such a gem in Hull. Now it was onto heritage, this showcased outfits through the years which you are able to find in Hull. The main feature of this being the maritime jumpers knitted for fishermen which you are able to pick up from the maritime museum in Hull, I believe. I love the style of these jumpers and I believe next winter they will be making a come back, so get yours while you can! The last show was industry themed, featuring outfits for working ranging from office jobs right to lab work, this was more of a playful show personal to hull and the jobs featuring here. 

Im sure you can see how much of a long day this was, yet it wasn't over here. As every fashion week does, there was an after party to attend to say thank you to all of hard working people that made fashion week in Hull possible. I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity as it has opened up so many more doors into the fashion industry for me I would never have imagined, I can't wait for next year. 



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