Is fashion becoming inaccessible? - Georgina Barkworth

Is fashion becoming inaccessible?

After a reader emailed me posing the question-"Is fashion becoming inaccessible?"- my mind began to ponder. I feel there are many answers to this question due to it being almost opinion based, resulting in it taking me a long time to reach an overall conclusion on what I thought.

If anything, I believe fashion is only becoming more accessible. Like most industries, the fashion industry has a natural hierarchy. Where the fashions start off one year and end up the next, which takes place in this arrangement: Starting off at designers, filtering through to the outlets, then onto the high street, next seen at your less expensive superstores (like Primark), then into the charity shops. Like any business these shops all have different target markets in order to focus their products for their buyers desire. This gives people on a lower income the opportunity to have the latest fashion as there are less expensive shops that are replicating the latest trends from the designers in order for everyone to access fashion.

Another reason why I believe fashion is only becoming more accessible is because as we stay in economical difficulty shops are having to lower their prices to target the greater audience, most of which have a mediocre or low income thus making fashion more accessible to the masses.

Now although I believe the retailers are making fashion more accessible for the public, part of me believes that it is the buyer themselves that is making fashion more inaccessible. My reasoning for this is that there are prejudices that people who shop in discount stores and large inexpensive superstores, like Primark, are on benefits or that the only clothes that matter are the ones that are labelled and are designer. However this is wrong. Fashion is about portraying yourself through clothes, recreating a look you love and displaying your style, not wearing a designer pieces because of the name. If you look through my shoe collection, the majority of my shoes are actually from Primark, with a few others from high street shops and the occasional pair of designer heels. I find my favourite shoes are actually from Primark. Yes, other versions can be bought from places like Topshop and Louboutin, however, for me fashion isn't about the name and if I am able to have 7 different pairs of shoes from a less expensive superstore, all for the prices of a pair of Topshop heels, on average about £70, I'd take the 7 pairs of less expensive shoes to enable me to be able to recreate more looks and have a more versatile wardrobe.

I find my self reiterating time and time again to people who pose me fashion questions; "fashion is what the mass follow, style is individual." Until people grasp this thought, fashion will never be accessible to them and as a consequence of that they can only blame themselves and not the retailers who do their up most to make fashion accessible for everyone.



  1. I love this answer- I love how you've answered this and I think it is not only honest but also modest. Thanks for such an interesting outlook
    Anna x

  2. Thankyou Anna, feel free to ask any other questions whenever! x