My styling obsession - Georgina Barkworth

My styling obsession

It never occurred to me until today when reminiscing over past photos, in every outfit I wear, my shoes must always match my top or coat. I think it makes me feel as though my outfit ties together. 

Due to this rather peculiar obsession, I'm sure you can imagine the extensive collection of shoes I have that match all the different colours in my wardrobe; admittedly though at least a third of my wardrobe consists of black or white garments (handily). Not only do I own shoes for every colour and tone of colour in my wardrobe but numerous different shoe styes for the majority of shades also. Isn't there a saying somewhere that a girl can never have too many shoes? In my case I believe I have too many but the difficulty and heartbreak over parting with them would be an excruciating pain I debate on whether I desire to endure. I ponder on the thought sometimes whether to sell them. What do you think, if I sold some of my shoes and perhaps even clothes on here? (please let me know)

Although my obsession isn't the norm for person of my age, I believe it is a very style conscious and beneficial one I am willing to live with and carry on, perhaps you should try it. 



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