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Joggers and heels kind of day

Don't you just hate those Sundays where you have to go out and look presentable? I thought with it being a Sunday, it granted me the right to have a lazy day, doing nothing productive then regretting it later on. But apparently, according to my Mum, that's not the definition of a Sunday and I had to look presentable if I went out.

The mature thing to do is compromise, right? That seems reasonable so the first idea that sprang to my mind was a joggers and heels day. The comfort of skinny joggers paired with a pair of courts to formalise the look- genius! (Although admittedly, I'm probably not the first to have this idea.)

Using a monochromatic colour pallet as usual for me, (this also helps to formalise the look) I combined black skinny joggers, white courts, a white (un-ironed) tee with a crisp black blazer and my favourite handbag ATM. Comfortable and presentable, this is definitely a look to add to my look book, you should try recreate it!



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