Orange is the new black - Georgina Barkworth

Orange is the new black

With burnt tones of orange storming Fendi's runway at Milan fashion week, without a doubt orange appears to be the feature colour of the coming months. I picture the bright shades of orange for the summer months, mixed in with the skirt with a slit (see my previous blog post for this trend). However, obviously not aluminous shades if you have any sense! Then you really would be a fashion victim. I then imagine burnt shades of orange, like featured at the Fendi show, paired with elongating white pencil skirts for the transition into Autumn/Winter. Why not try a bulky knit or jacket thrown over the shoulders to finish this look off?

I believe that orange is one of the most useful colours in the colour scheme as it's different shades can be appropriate at every period of the year. Not only that but it suits every skin tone - in my eyes you can't go wrong. 

As strange as it is perhaps, I colour code my wardrobe ranging through the colour scale from black to white, with my shoes replicating this below. I already have a few different tones of orange wear, some rather like pumpkin orange, some like burnt orange and some in between. Yet I wish to buy more orange pieces perhaps to try and stray away from my usual monochrome outfit, although with this you can't go wrong.

Here are some of the items on my orange wish list currently:




  1. I think orange lipsticks are gorgeous on most skin tones, loved this post!

    Laura x