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My beauty holy grail

I love wearing make up, something about its fascinates me. Possibly the idea that you can make yourself look however you wish by just applying a few products. I always get asked what products I used especially for my eye shadows so I thought why not write a blog post about my beauty holy grail. 

Over the years I have built up a beauty routine weekly and daily. I love to start the week freshly and on point so after my Sunday evening shower I bronze my entire body in St Tropez self tan classic lotion. You must have this product. At first I was conscious of the price, however this tanner is unlike another, it gives the most natural glow to your skin and even for me it is impossible to have a streaky tan after applying this product! Also it's so easy to use! By just applying one layer over your body using a mitt then leaving it on for 8+ hours before washing it off, you gain a flawless natural tan. I urge any tan lover to try this product!

When I don't wish for an intense tan and my skin is feeling a little dry, I sweep my skin with Dove summer glow nourishing lotion. I couldn't imagine a better product to nourish your skin and give it a subtle glow all in one.

As  Christian Dior said "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting." For some reason I remember people by the fragrance an what they smell of. I have tried many fragrance and have loved many but I have never been so entranced by the luxurious smell of my Victoria's Secret angle dream perfume. The long lasting smell it's literally head turning and it is the most precious beauty product I own, when you smell it you will understand the lust I have for it. 

For my 16th birthday (my most recent birthday) my friends all put money together to by me the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. This palette is heaven. The blend of pink, gild and brown together in a variety of shades and colours is just the most ideal palette to create every look your desire. I wear it everywhere I go, school; work; out for dinner; parties; holidays; even on lounge days. The blend-ability and the variety of colours along with the high pigmentation that the palette holds makes this palette something every girl needs. If you don't have this you're really missing out!

Mac. The single brand that girls go crazy over. Two of my current holy grail products come from here, the mineralize skin finish and of course their legendary lipsticks. The little bullet that makes or breaks your outfit, available in many many shades, every time I visit mac I fall in love with a new shade each time. The texture of the product of you lips is heavenly; unlike no other. Not to mention the long lasting quality that their products hold. Get yourselves as many mac lipsticks in whatever shade, it's imperative tot have them! I am absolutely in love with the mineralize skin finish products they do. I have mine in 'golf deposit' and honestly the products is fabulous to give you that golden sparkle swept across your face as if you have just come back from the tropics!

I once watched a Youtube video on the best brushes to buy for applying foundation, their number one recommendation was the Real Techniques expert face brush- I honestly wouldn't disagree. This brush is the perfect size for the face, the large areas and the detailer areas. I wouldn't be able to fault it all all. It applies any foundation flawlessly and evenly. What more could you want?!

For highlighting I love to use different types of highlighter depending upon the area of my face i am highlighting. For example I find that powder works best on my nose and cheek bones where as liquid woks best on my forehead. My two favourite highlighters are the benefit Sun beam liquid highlighter-which is literally like liquid gold and shines on your skin like your a golden goddess, my other favourite highlighter is the Topshop highlighter in sunbeam which can also be used as a beautiful shimmery eyeshadow. I wasn't too keen on the colour at first, however after trying it out I felt in love with the high pigmentation and the fabulous finish it gives to the overall contour of your face.

The blusher in my holy grail is the Bourjois blush in rode d'or. I first tried this blush when i borrowed it from my mum. I have never used such a beautifully pigmented, smooth, blend-able blush since. Not to mention the luxurious smell it has. You honestly can't go wrong blending this blush into your cheeky to brighten up your face. 

I have always had trouble with foundation. either the colour wasn't right, it was to thick/thin, it gave me breakouts, it made my eyes water; the list is on going. However, after taking some persuasion i tried the Maybelline fit me foundation- its faultless. The texture is the right thickness, its delicate on my skin and it's so long lasting! Did I mention that the colour range of these foundations are perfectly suited to everyone! I couldn't ask for a better foundation. 

I wasn't blessed with flawless eyebrows, probably the least flawless eyebrows my friends would say. However I have learnt the art of drawing on eyebrows and as I like to think- I have mastered it. In doing so, I tried out a range of techniques, some fabulous some horrific. I found that after drawing my eyebrows on, tapping them with a brown matte eyeshadow using the Superdrug pro:14 angled brush my brows are on fleek until I take them off. You have to try this one!

If you haven't tried out Kate Moss' lipstick range for Rimmel your missing out. These lipsticks are of unbelievable pigmentation and are stunningly long lasting; they are my favourite way to bring together an outfit.

Two other lip products in my holy grail are the Clinique chubby stick and the No7 precision lip pencil. The Chubby stick is so nourishing and it has a slight tint to it for the relaxed make up look. What's not to love! The No7 lip precision pencil is a wonder, with no need to sharpen it as it's a retractable pencil with a fine point for unbelievable precision, you can't get a better lip pencil to create those voluptuous lips.

The iconic L'oreal Paris Elnett hairspray is an essential for me. No other hair spray has the hold and shine like this product that i use daily on my hair, it's just so gentle! Also a secret use of hairspray of mine is to glue my makeup on to my face for the day, I just spritz this over my face and my makeup holds like it's a miracle. Everyone needs a bottle of this- it's a must!



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