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My wish-list

At christmas my Granny always gets me little handy surprises, this year she got me a floral notebook which is filled with paper (obviously) and little floral sticky notes. I particularly love this present because the floral deign matches the floral wallpaper, bed sheets, lamp shades, make up/toiletry bags and other random items I have around my room. At first I pondered on the thought of what I'd use this for but it is such a handy notebook/revision aid/reminder book that is has many uses! Monthly i write a list of what garments I desire to purchase that month- never have I managed to buy all the items that would be insane! I had the generic though of "new year, new start" but in notebook form, so instead of writing my wish-list down on the scrap paper I already had pinned to my notice board I thought I'd up my game this year and use my beautiful book.

Notebook aside I should probably get writing about the actually content of this post; my wish-list. Ever since he most recently London Victoria's Secret fashion show I have been envisioning myself in those oh so desireable thigh high boots some of the models sported along with Ariana Grande in her, shall we say memorable, performance on the catwalk. The only problem is I am looking for the right textured boot at the right price- this is more difficult than it sounds! I am so desperate to recreate this look that Vogue captured in their December Street Chic post! For me, this outfit is surreal and the day that I am able to recreate it will be a day of wonders!

My Mother has this camel coat that is the sleekest coat I have ever seen, it's beautiful I just wish she'd let me borrow it more often! Surprisingly it's only from Tesco as well! I am also in love with the camel coat that student Dieu Linh is wearing in the above picture, I saw this coat when shopping in Leeds but unfortunately my budget didn't cover it. Why does this always happen to things I fall in love with! *sad face* There is just something remarkable about a camel toned coat, for me it instantly transforms a boring outfit into the sleekest outfit you'd expect to see on the cover of Vogue, so I am desperate to purchase one soon!
Have you seen the underwear on Asos this season?! If you thought Underwear couldn't get any better than the Victoria Secret range, then prepare to change your opinion. A friend of mine recommended this website to me for the sensational underwear they sell after I posted a Tumblr picture on line desiring a lace bra. I was stunning. I genuinely thought I had hit a goldmine and then for such affordable prices! My day had gone from 0 to 100 instantly. Which girl doesn't love underwear right? I believe there is something special about wearing beautiful underwear; it just makes you feels flawless. So i have promised myself I will treat myself to some new underwear from the Asos range after my January exams, it's a must!

I don't know about you guys but wherever I look on social media all i see on these beautiful women's feet is the Nude Louboutins. I cant blame them for wearing such a beautiful but they are making me crave and desire the shoe like never before! Unfortunately as its January Louboutins are not in my price range right now rather to my dismay, so I am on the look out for a similar version on the high street. Pointed courts are my favourite shoe to wear, they are so fierce and sassy yet also chilled enough to sling on with a pair of black ripped jeans (see my previous outfit post) for a day out. You can't go wrong. I have so many pair of pointed courts, nude suede, black leather, black suede, snake skin, gold, the list is never ending.

My hair is naturally poker straight even with some hair curlers it is still left straight, this infuriates me! I love the looks of big luxurious golden curls under a felt black floppy hat, can you really get any sassier? I think not! However, I have not yet found a large barrel curler to create this look, annoyingly as I have the hair and the hair! So if anyone knows of  large barrel curler that works really well please let me know in the comments bellow! Again I see so many Tumblr posts of beautiful girls with their luxuriously curled hair that can take you throughout day and night and I would love to be able to recreate that look to show all my readers!

Please leave some comments below on your wish-list currently and if you have anything else to talk about! Thankyou x