Modelling and styling for Sam'z Boutique - Georgina Barkworth

Modelling and styling for Sam'z Boutique

Sorry I haven't posted in few weeks I've been taking exams at school and so I have had no free time! However, during this time a lady from a boutique in my area, Hull, contacted me asking if I would like to style and model their clothes for their website. I was so excited to start this as it's something I've always wanted to do and I knew you guys would love to hear about it!

I feel their is always something special with boutiques as they are very unique compared to the mainstream stores and you can always count on a good buy there, thus why I love to shop in them! Modelling and styling for Sam'z Boutique was such an experience and I hope to be able to do this job again someday because although it's really tiring it's so fun and something I adore! 

Sam'z Boutique is an online Boutique based in Hull and their clothes are beautiful! They sell such a wide range of clothes that can take you from day to night, along with a fantastic range of beauty products, which I can't wait to try!



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