Jourdan Dunn- Vogue Februrary 2015 - Georgina Barkworth

Jourdan Dunn- Vogue Februrary 2015

Every month I buy a copy of Vogue (the british one), I always have done since I was approximately 11. I normally buy Vogue for the trend spot articles and to build up my extensive library of looks I love,which are indicated using pink page stickies. I tend to read most of the articles in each issue but more than often than not I skip some depending on how I'm feeling at that time.

Vogue's February 2015 issue featured an article interviewing the model who knew she "was going to be someone"- Jourdan Dunn (emphasis on the second syllable). Previous to reading this article I didn't have great knowledge on her yet after reading about her I am somewhat stunned about her uniqueness to other models. The diversity she leads throughout her life is incredibly inspiring, being able to commit to the job of being supermodel with high status yet also having a child, Riley, and providing for her mother so she doesn't have to engage in a cycle of jobs in order to live. 

This article made me ponder on the thought that no matter where you come from your able to do what ever you want just like Jourdan did, and i think thats a goof thought to believe. I'd recommend everyone to grab a copy of this month's Vogue and read about this truly remarkable woman.



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