Why does fashion matter? - Georgina Barkworth

Why does fashion matter?

So last week I read this book, "why fashion matters?" by Frances corner; head of London's college of fashion. 

A book which brings together 101 ideas and questions about fashion, appeared, to me, rather thought provoking. Every day I have questions asked to me such as; why do you care so much about fashion; why do you choose to write about fashion opposed to bigger things like war or poverty? The basic answer to that is, style filters through into everyday life, whatever your occupation or interests. From the design of your curtains to the clothes you put on your back- fashion, design, art and lifestyle- it's all closely grouped. The fashion industry is a multi-billion pound generating industry and is a never ending circle of consumerism. So, there you have it; it is important.

On the subject of employment, alone the UK fashion industry employs directly 816,000 people- producing a direct value of £21 billion to the UK economy. Another point this book cleverly brings to the table is that fact of wherever you place yourself politically, style still matters. The colour of you dress can represent your party; such as white purple and green representing the suffragettes or the scarlet flags of communism. I believe fashion touches everyone even if it is subconsciously.

This book isn't just crazy statistics to puzzle your mind and worrying predictions such as facts on the carbon footprint we produce from the fashion industry alone, it also taught me facts from history I never knew. For example, at the court of Louis XIV if you wore red heels you were in favour.

The books minimalist feel is reminiscent of blogs; relying on the power of words and ideas. Bold red titles, well laid out numbered blocks of text, suggesting you can return to it later- and believe me you will.



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