A Quick Travel Guide to Manchester - Georgina Barkworth

A Quick Travel Guide to Manchester

Manchester is one of my favourite English cities- an always intriguing mix of modern and vintage. As a location it exceeds the needs of any excursionist, especially one dominated by culture. With such a vast variety of style; there's no wonder I'm addicted to this city.

Where to go?

China Town -  reputedly the largest China Town in Europe, consisting of Chinese restaurants, bakeries, businesses and supermarkets, China Town is an ideal place for the culturally inquisite to experience the Chinese culture in Manchester.

Manchester's coffee rooms- undoubtedly already on your listed of things to do but the coffee shops/ rooms in This city are really an experience especially for those book lovers.

Aflecks- an emporium of all things quirky, artistic and bazaar; I have never witnessed such a magically unique style and I am now captivated by it. 4 floors full of goods ranging from printers and artists to records and fancy dress, Aflecks is a bazaarly wonderful emporium that HAS to be experienced.

The Art Gallery- Currently exhibiting a display on Andrea Zapp (media and textile artist), fashioned in Manchester until March 2015. I really enjoyed this exhibition, it showed Zapp's work being dresses made up of photographs from her travels. There is a,ways something worthy to see at this gallery.

Where to eat?

Jamie's Italian- a favourite of mine but furthermore this restaurant is a must due to the actual interior and also the architecture of the building is phenomenal creating a really special experience.

Harvey Nichols- wether it be 4 o'clock cocktails or dinner late evening, Harvey Nichols may be in the expensive side but for a special event it is the place to be.

All that sparkles vintage tea room- perfect for a relaxing lunch with plenty of choice, I enjoyed this tea room and especially it's interior design.

Pictures from Manchester

Street art

Old Vogues

Coffee at Cafe Nero

Jamie's Italian

Andrea Zapp's work featured at the Manchester Art Gallery

Cafe Nero coffee room
Harvey Nichols bar



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